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More than 3,200 artists, researchers, developers, gaming experts, filmmakers, and academics gathered at Suntec City over four exciting days to discover new products, talents, technology, and techniques in the digital media industry. In all, a total of 49 countries were represented in an array of thought-provoking works and breakthrough ideas presented at the conference.

"We first thought of introducing an Asian edition of SIGGRAPH almost two years ago, with a vision to bring the best in computer graphics and interactive techniques to players and audiences in the region. I am happy to note that we have indeed achieved this objective. Eighty percent of visitors to SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 were from within the region, including Australia and New Zealand. The excellent quality of work we have seen at SIGGRAPH Asia and the ideas that have been put forth bode well for the interactive and digital media industry in Asia," stated Alyn Rockwood, Advisory Group Chair, SIGGRAPH Asia Conference.

True to the tradition of SIGGRAPH since its inception in 1974, SIGGRAPH Asia is the platform where technology, art, culture, and science meet. Through its diverse programmes, SIGGRAPH Asia offers something for every member of the computer graphics world.

Said Lee Yong Tsui, Conference Chair, SIGGRAPH Asia 2008: "As SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 draws to a close, there is strong affirmation that Asia is indeed rising in prominence in the field of interactive and digital media. What we are seeing at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 is only a glimpse of what the region's growing talent is capable of delivering. SIGGRAPH Asia will continue to be the driving force that will bring computer graphics in the region to a new level."

The next edition of SIGGRAPH Asia is taking place in Yokohama, Japan, from 16 to 19 December, 2009. SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 will be chaired by Masa Inakage, Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, and Chair, Media Design Program, Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University, Japan. Masa Inakage is an internationally renowned digital artist, director, and producer, and is one of Japan's leading authorities on emerging technologies and digital entertainment content production.

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