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Thu Nov 10 - Fri Nov 11 2016
Fifth Argentine Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Telecommunications, Informatics and Scientific Information
Córdoba, Argentina

Many conferences are focused on specific aspects of informatics, multimedia communication, education, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc., and bring together leading experts in a particular field or sometimes on a specific technology. At such large conferences students are often marginalized or relegated to poster sessions, for instance. The ALAIPO and AInCI conferences, workshops, symposiums, etc., are not a very big scale and aim to promote dialog between established professors and graduate students working on new directions. Hence topics from the whole range of human-robot interaction, recent advances in software and hardware, industrial design, creativity, Sprout’s technology, research developments in nanotechnology, etc. are welcomed. Last year’s symposiums, workshops, conferences, etc., organized by ALAIPO and AInCI, for instance, included papers on the topics. An extensive listing connotes and reflects the requirement and also skill necessary to find intersection zones of the disciplines among the different domains, fields, and specialties; which at the same time potentially boosts and merges the formerly different scientific views.