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Sanitago ACM SIGGRAPH Inaugural Conference

Mon Nov 2 - Fri Nov 6 2015
Computer Graphics Conference
Santiago, Chile

The conference will feature workshops, screenings and talks by experts in the computer graphics industry. Examples of the content that will be available at the conference:

  • AARON BLAISE, Animator and supervising animator on "The Rescuers Down Under," "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "The Lion King", "Pocahontas" and "Mulan" for Walt Disney Animation Studios: Animals Animated Feature Films
  • GREG BERRIDGE, Rigging specialist coach and VFX for Sony Imageworks, BCIT, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Avellon Inc: Rigging for 3D Creatures
  • PETER PLANTEC, Writer, Digital Artist, Software Designer: Human doing ... more Virtual Human
  • ANDREW CHESWORTH, Animator for Walt Disney Animation Studios: Milt Kahl Revisited: Their visual techniques applied to modern animation
  • AARON ESTRADA, VFX supervisor and senior VFX artist for DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Rhythm & Hues and Nickelodeon: Finding your specialty in Animation
  • RED EIVAR, Developer of video games for Xbox, PlayStation and PC: AAA creating content for ARK: Survival Evolved
  • AURORA JIMENEZ, Visual Artist Development for Sony Pictures Animation: Character Design Animation and Video Games + Designing the World Hotel Transylvania 2
  • CARLOS ZARAGOZA, Twins Tale creative director at Studio / Visual Development Artist Paramount Animation Studios / Production Designer for Sony Animation: Production Design and Art Direction: Live Action vs. Animation
  • CAF: COMPUTER ANIMATION FESTIVAL - A sample of the best animation of 2015