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  Reports from SIGGRAPH 2001

Interviews at SIGGRAPH 2002


Bert Herzog, Outstanding Service Award recipient

David Kirk, Computer Graphics Achievement Award recipient

Tom Appolloni, SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Chair

Kurt Akeley, Rays vs. Rasters Panelist

Alain Chesnais, ACM SIGGRAPH President

Scott Senften, Chair for Emerging Technologies

Marc Downie, Seven contributions in 2002

John McIntosh, Chair of the Computer Animation Festival

Valerie Miller, Courses Committee Chair

Maureen Stone, Course Organizer & Presenter

Simon Allardice, Web Graphics Chair

Garry Paxinos, ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer

Karen Sullivan, Art Gallery Chair

Gudrun Enger, Director for Communications, ACM SIGGRAPH

Tamara Munzner, Paper Reviewer

Jos Stam, Course Presenter


People make SIGGRAPH what it is. Here a small sampling of the people here in 2002



Last year's interviews:
Mk Haley
James Blinn
Barb Helfer
Leo Hourvitz
Edwin Catmull
Paul Debevec
Lance Williams
Peter Voci
Patrick Larking
Daria Dorosh
Taisuke Murakami



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