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  Reports from SIGGRAPH 2001

SIGGRAPH: The Conference

New this year: Web Graphics, Fast Forward Papers, Papers on Tuesdays, Courses on Wednesdays, Courses at 8:30AM on SUNDAY!!!

The Web Graphics program is designed to teach animators, artists, educators, and engineers how their talent can cross over to the Web.

The perenial favorites: eTech, Art Gallery, the ET (Electronic Theatre) get good coverage here!

The foundations of the conference: Papers, Courses, and Panels each have overview pages. Individual sessions that were covered by the reporters are listed in the sidebar of each page. By the way, if you have any good factoids or observations from SIGGRAPH 2002, send them in for a sparse sidebar.

Probably the most popular innovation was the Fast Forward Papers - special session. Read all about it!

Check out the Special Session on Yoda, the Animation Festival, Birds of a Feather: InSpace, Keynote by Esther Dyson

Educators Program: SIGGRAPH as Textbook. Also from the educators program, Building Virtual Reality on a Budget

Next year - San Diego


SIGGRAPH is more than just a conference! It's people and all sort of other things.



The SIGGRAPH.ORG annual conference web page.



Find out more than you ever wanted to know about what makes the confereces tick (CAG)


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