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Erin Callihan
23 July 2002

SIGGRAPH has been defined as a Special Interest Group specializing in GRAPHics and interactive technology. What better way to be interactive
in graphics than to attend the Panels?

The Panels sessions are highly intellectual presentations that provoke an animated response from the audience. Many panelists will introduce fresh ideas, while others will add to today's emerging technology. This is where some of the top professionals in the interactive world will strut their stuff - and where you can question their methods.

"Panelists who are experts in their fields will debate a diverse set of topics at SIGGRAPH 2002. Included are whether and how games will dominate the 21st century, the future role of digital humans, the impact of displaying and interacting with more and more data and the implications of 3D character animation in filmmaking," explains the SIGGRAPH 2002 Panels Program Chair, Christopher David Shaw (Georgia Institute of Technology). "SIGGRAPH 2002 Panels Program will also examine the emergence of high-performance computer graphics on mobile platforms."

This year 12 panels are being presented at SIGGRAPH, entailing several diverse areas in the graphics and interactive technologies fields. A total of 57 speakers are slated to share their ideas.




Panels covered this year:

Rays vs. Rasters

Fast Forward Animation


Digital Humans

The Future of Computer Graphics: An enabling Technology?

Film Productions





2002 Conference Panels Page



Photos from SIGGRAPH 2002


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