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  Reports from SIGGRAPH 2001


SIGGRAPH is more than a conference! It is a melange of learning, networking, inspiring coolness, geeky glamour and keeping up with the latest whiz-bangs.

The Electronic Theatre is the one thing that EVERYONE makes sure to see - GEEKs (Graphical Engineers of Experience and Knowledge) and Artists alike. The animation festival continues on for those who cannot get enough. They definitely come under the inspiring coolness category.

The Exhibition is all about keeping up with whiz-bangs.

Geeky glamour involves parties, ribbons, etc. The serious side involves eTech & Art Gallery

Networking is people, and we have many interviews. Find out what contributions to SIGGRAPH folks are proud of. Kurt and Maureen have the same answer.

The pre-SIGGRAPH experience conveys the sense of anticipation.

Experience the angst of DEMO REEL TRIBULATIONS

SIGGRAPH is truly an International conference (70 coutries worth this year!). And when it takes place in San Antonio the contrast is awesome.

Impressions for some Reporters: Ben Wyrick, Jessica Fernandes

There are still lots of Photos from SIGGRAPH 2002 that did not find a home yet.



Time at SIGGRAPH is the most valuable commodity in all of Reality!!!


Best booth of the show: SIGGRAPH 2003's great open evocation of next year's beachfront conference.




Bert Herzog mourned some of his elder colleagues that "have gone to the great SIGGRAPH in the sky"




Questions? Ask Dr. Siggraph



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