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ACM SIGGRAPH Sunday Workshop: Grand Challenges in Chronic Healthcare

18 Jun 2018

ACM SIGGRAPH Workshop:  Grand Challenges in Chronic Healthcare

Organizer: Evan Hirsch

The SIGGRAPH community has long done work in the area of medicine and healthcare, with seminal work as far back as Sungroff & Greenberg [SIGGRAPH 78] and Drebin, Carpenter & Hanrahan [SIGGRAPH 88].   Across most of the globe, chronic conditions are starting to consume a disproportionate share of available healthcare resources. While this trend is problematic, it also creates many new challenges and opportunities in monitoring, data mining, simulation, visualization, interactivity and the use of autonomous characters that are relevant to the interests and skills of the SIGGRAPH community.

The purpose of this workshop is to raise awareness, highlight challenges, and focus on research and partnership opportunities in the area of healthcare for chronic conditions.  A July 2017 Rand Report estimates that 90% of US Healthcare costs are spent on chronic conditions. Historically, much of the innovation and systemic improvements in healthcare have come from within the “traditional” sources: medical academia, pharmaceutical and device manufacturer R&D facilities, and care provider organizations.  While those fields have yielded many great results, recent trends have also shown that multi-disciplinary teams that combine medical expertise with the rich expertise from outside industries such as design, data-science, simulation, robotics, scientific visualization, machine vision, and many others can yield great impact for broad populations of people across the world.  Put another way, this area is ripe for contribution from members of the SIGGRAPH community.  Additionally, there are tremendous funding opportunities for the SIGGRAPH community to work toward making healthcare more efficient and effective, including NSF programs such as Smart Health and Cyber Physical Systems, as well as substantial commercial investment.

With this inaugural workshop, held in conjunction with ACM SIGGRAPH 2018, in Vancouver, BC, Canada on August 12, 2018, we will bring together researchers and practitioners in a variety of areas in healthcare to understand the research challenges relevant to the SIGGRAPH community. We will discuss both the research and advanced development issues around these challenges in healthcare over the day-long program.

The format of this workshop will include invited healthcare experts to set the stage for this conversation. Each speaker deliver a 45 minute interactive talk on some of the larger challenges they see in healthcare from their perspective, followed by an interactive discussion with the group.   We will have industry leaders deliver talks on the following segments of the healthcare (tentative agenda):

  • Healthcare Informatics; Interfacing with patient data
  • Challenges in Chronic Care
    • Cardiac care
    • Diabetes
  • Mental Health, games, AR and VR
  • Monitoring systems in healthcare

Invited Participants

Christopher Khoury is vice president of the environmental intelligence unit at the American Medical Association (AMA). The unit focuses on assessing and interacting with emerging elements across health care, business and policy sectors. He also leads collaborations, strategic partnerships and core innovation initiatives at the AMA.

He has worked in the healthcare sector for 17 years. Prior to joining AMA, he was senior manager at PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI), where he developed thought leadership and provided strategic guidance to clients on biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, health reform, and consumer issues. He began his career in medical device R&D and product development, and subsequently in health data analytics at an academic medical center.

Christopher is the author of several publications and a frequent presenter on business issues across healthcare. He also holds patents covering biotechnology subjects. He earned an M.B.A. from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business magna cum laude. Christopher received his B.S. from the University of Illinois and holds an M.S. in biomedical engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

Patrick Wayte is Senior Vice President of the AHA’s Center for Health Technology and Innovation. In this role he leads integrated digital health initiatives across the health continuum – with a focus on secondary prevention, healthcare transition, chronic care, and the use and application of the AHA’s science to digital platforms and technologies.

Patrick is also spear-heading new business models in digital health solutions and services with a particular emphasis in remote patient monitoring, tele-health, social connectivity, habit design and reward models, with the intent of achieving scalable and definable health outcomes.

Technology and channel partnerships are a key emphasis for this work and Patrick is lead for building and managing key channel and technology partners that will help the AHA move squarely into the lives of healthcare consumers (patients-caregivers-families), through a variety of different channels and mediums, with a focus on improving health understanding and outcomes – connecting people with their health, providers and with each other.

Prior to the American Heart Association and his role in healthcare, Patrick held positions in integrated marketing, strategy and new product development in the telecommunications and automotive industries with a focus on developing new lines of business through acquisition-partnerships-innovation.

Patrick lives with his family in Dallas and holds a degree in Economics from the University of California, San Diego and an MBA from Vanderbilt University.


To participate in this workshop and the conversation please submit a CV and brief answers to the questions below. Responses should be limited to two pages.  Follow this link to the submission system.  The organizers will review the responses and curate a program for the workshop. A submission is required to be invited to attend the workshop as space is limited.  There will be a nominal fee to cover lunch expenses, details for purchasing tickets will be forthcoming.

1.) Describe your current professional role and its relation to healthcare.
2.) Briefly describe your motivation to attend this workshop.
3.) Please provide an example of specific questions or topics you would be interested in hearing or debating more about.
4.) Please feel free to include any other comments you might want to share with us.

Applications will be accepted on first come/first served basis until July 27th.  Apply to participate!