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Computer Animation Festival

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Monday, 11 August - Friday, 15 August
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Experience the full spectrum of animation and visual effects. SIGGRAPH 2008's newly expanded Computer Animation Festival features five days of screenings, four days of talks, three nights of all-star studio events, and two days of 3D stereoscopic panels and screenings. In addition to the always-popular juried screening, the festival offers a full spectrum of work from around the world:

Inspiring studio content, cool Flash films, mind-altering DemoScene animation, international school retrospectives, selections from the Japan Media Arts Festival, the latest in real-time game graphics, and a look at 25 years of Polygon Pictures.

The 2008 Computer Animation Festival presents artists and experts in talks on all aspects of production, from animation to visual effects, from shorts to full-length features, from television to movies, from art to science, from learning the history of animation to learning the craft. This is your opportunity to totally immerse yourself in the full spectrum of animation and visual effects.

Participate in selecting the Audience Prize and see the results at the Festival's first annual award show - a raucous hour of animation, animation directors, prizes, and surprises. And don't miss exciting nightly events hosted by Pixar, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Industrial Light & Magic. Experience a full slate of talks and attend several production sessions, including a mind-bending look into Speed Racer, a journey behind the scenes of "Cloverfield" and "Iron Man," a review of ideas that didn't quite make it through production, and a glimpse through the eyes of gaming pioneers at the evolution of user-generated game experiences.

The Computer Animation Festival also features a Hall of History in Petree Hall (viewing stations displaying a selection of historic and iconic SIGGRAPH animations) and an exhibit of storyboards and supporting art from accepted works.

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