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MIG 2018
Tags: conference, games, motion graphics

The 11th annual ACM/SIGGRAPH conference on Motion, Interaction and Games (MIG 2018, formerly Motion in Games) will take place in Limassol, Cyprus from November 8-10, 2018. MIG is sponsored by ACM and held in cooperation with Eurographics.

06 Jul 2018
MIG 2018: Limassol, Cyprus
Tags: Calls for Participation, games, motion graphics

11th annual ACM/ SIGGRAPH conference on Motion, Interaction and Games

The deadline for the ACM/SIGGRAPH conference on Motion, Interaction, and Games (MIG 2018) has been extended by a week. The new submission deadline is July 16 (23:59 AoE timezone).

23 May 2017
Call for Participation: Motion in Games 2017
Tags: Calls for Participation, computer graphics, games

The 10th ACM International Conference on Motion in Games (MIG 2017) will take place in Barcelona, Spain from November 8-10, 2017 and will be hosted by UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). MIG is sponsored by ACM and held in cooperation with Eurographics.

MIG 2017
Tags: conference, games, Sponsored

Motion plays a crucial role in interactive applications, such as VR, AR, and video games. Characters move around, objects are manipulated or move due to physical constraints, entities are animated, and the camera moves through the scene. Even the motion of the player nowadays is used as input to such interactive systems.

FDG '17
Tags: conference, games, in-cooperation

The International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) is a major international event in-cooperation with ACM SIGAISIGCHI, and SIGGRAPH. It seeks to promote the exchange of information concerning the foundations of digital games, technology used to develop digital games, and the study of digital games and their design, broadly construed.

i3D 2017
Tags: conference, games, Sponsored

2017 is I3D's 31st year since the inaugural workshop in 1986, and the 21st conference (I3D occurred roughly biennially until 2005). More details on prior conferences are available here.

01 Nov 2015
Indie Game Exposes the Intimate Horror of War
Tags: games, Graphics
By Cody Welsh, first posted 12/22/2014

One of the newest -- and most successful -- entries into the indie game scene is "This War of Mine," developed and published by 11 Bit Studios. Previously known for mobile games such as "Anomaly" and "Sleepwalker's Journey," 11 Bit created a different kind of game altogether with its latest release, which has generated quite a following amongst the gaming community, particularly on the Steam platform.

MIG 2015
Tags: games, Sponsored

The 8th International ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games 2015 (MIG 2015) will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference was rescheduled from its original dates and location in 2015 due to safety concerns.

Cyberworlds 2015
Tags: conference, games, Virtual Reality

Created intentionally or spontaneously, cyberworlds are information spaces and communities that immensely augment the way we interact, participate in business and receive information throughout the world. Cyberworlds seriously impact our lives and the evolution of the world economy by taking such forms as social networking services, 3D shared virtual communities and massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

The 2015 International Conference on Cyberworlds will address a wide range of research and development topics, including but not limited to:

Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Tech Talk
Tags: chapters, games, Graphics

The Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter presents a talk by the founder of TooMuchVoltage Software, Baktash Abdollah-shamshir-saz. Baktash is the sole implementor and maintainer of the HighOmega game engine. Currently at version 2.0 and built on open standards, HighOmega boasts many pages of features yet is currently programmed in approximately 34,000 lines of code and compiles to a mere 780kb.

i3D 2015
Tags: conference, games, Sponsored

i3D is the leading conference for real time 3D computer graphics and human interaction.

2015 marks the 29th year since the first conference. This year's event will take place in San Francisco, California from February 27 to March 1, 2015. 

As in 2014, i3D 2015 will be held immediately before the Game Developers Conference (GDC'15) in the Bay Area, which provides an excellent opportunity to attend both conferences and see both research and application in real time 3D computer graphics.

Global Game Jam Boca Raton
Tags: chapters, games

The Fort Lauderdale ACM SIGGRAPH and Florida Game Developers Association will be co-hosting this year’s 48-hour Global Game Jam at the Digital Media Arts College from January 23 to 25, 2015.

The Game Jam is open to everyone interested in creating games: beginners, hobbyists and professional game developer are all welcome. Any type of game can be created at the Jam, and no one is limited to just creating video games.

EGS Game Developer Conference
Tags: conference, games

Mexico City-based game development conference, to be held at Centro Banamex from October 2 to 4. This event is endorsed by Mexico City Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH.

Attendees must be industry professionals or video game development students. Visit the EGS conference website to request accreditation to attend the event.

Gameful Design
Tags: chapters, games

A panel on "gameful design" -- what it is, and how it can help you develop business models, support innovation, benfit society and more. The panel is sponsored by the San Diego Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH.

Admission is $5.

25 Sep 2014
Registration Now Open for Motion in Games Conference
Tags: conference, games, SIGGRAPH

The 7th International ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games (MIG 2014) will take place in Los Angeles, California, from November 6 to 8. 2014 marks the first year Motion in Games will be held in the United States.

MIG 2014
Tags: conference, games, Sponsored

Games have become a very important medium for education, therapy and entertainment. Motion plays a crucial role in computer games. Characters move around, objects are manipulated or move due to physical constraints, entities are animated, and the camera moves through the scene. Even the motion of the player nowadays is used as input to games. Motion is currently studied in many different areas of research, including graphics and animation, game technology, robotics, simulation, computer vision, and also physics, psychology, and urban studies.