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Visual Effects

17 Aug 2017
Crafting Valerian's Interdimensional Journey
Tags: computer graphics, Film, Visual Effects

By Ian Failes. Republished with permission from Spark CG Society.

Perhaps the most talked about sequence in Luc Besson’s Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets is the interdimensional journey undertaken by the title character through a merchant world. Here, Valerian (Dane DeHaan) dons special goggles that enable him to be in two ‘worlds’ at once — a desert and the market world — as he attempts a secret mission.

effects MTL17
Tags: conference, Graphics, Visual Effects

Effects MTL17 is the 3rd edition of the conference and expo. Following the success of effects MTL16, the 2017 edition returns on September 6th and 7th at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal (QC, Canada). It includes two days of exciting expo, sessions, master classes, job fair, and networking opportunities.

27 Apr 2017
The Computer Graphics Magic Behind "Smurfs: The Lost Village"
Tags: Film, Visual Effects

Written by Jessica Fernandes. Republished with permission from Spark CG Society.

"Smurfs: The Lost Village" is a visual treat. If you grew up reading the comics or watching the tv series, this year’s reboot film will feel visually familiar in all the right ways. A throwback to the original Peyo designs, the film features richly detailed environments, beautifully animated characters and FX that remind us of how an update to a 2D classic should be done.

24 Apr 2017
Interview With Luca Fascione, Head of Technology & Research at Weta Digital
Tags: CIE, interview, Visual Effects

Interview by John Davison, Chief Correspondent for ACM Computers in Entertainment.

This excerpt of an interview with award-winning visual effects artist Luca Fascione is provided courtesy of ACM Computers in Entertainment (CiE), a website that features peer-reviewed articles and non-refereed content covering all aspects of entertainment technology and its applications.

Break It Down: Discover the Magic Behind the VFX
Tags: chapters, Visual Effects

The Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter is proud to present our main event of the Fall, "Break It Down: Discover the Magic Behind the VFX." Join us as we screen SIGGRAPH 2016's "Break It Down," the must-see compilation of breakdown reels from several of the world's major VFX studios shown at the conference in front of an international audience as part of the Computer Animation Festival.

VFX Rio 2016
Tags: computer graphics, conference, Visual Effects

VFX RIO is an event dedicated to Visual effects, movies, games and new technologies that will gather in Brazil the biggest national and international experts. The event will be held on 28 and 29 November 2016 at the Museum of tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro and will present key-note presentations, workshops, debates, film screenings and releases.

21 Oct 2016
Visual Effects Society Names Ken Ralston Recipient of VES Lifetime Achievement Award
Tags: Film, Graphics, Visual Effects

Source: VES Press Release

On October 20, 2016, the Visual Effects Society (VES), the industry’s professional global honorary society, named multiple Academy Award®-winning visual effects pioneer Ken Ralston as the recipient of the VES Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his enormous contributions to filmed entertainment. The award will be presented at the 15th Annual VES Awards on February 7, 2017 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

11 Sep 2016
VIEW Conference 2016 Announces Rich Slate
Tags: Animation, conference, Visual Effects

Source: VIEW Conference, August 2016 Press Release

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Visual Effects Panel w/ILM
Tags: chapters, talk, Visual Effects

Silicon Valley ACM SIGGRAPH invite you to the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Visual Effects Panel with Industrial Light & Magic.

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) Supervisor Panel
Colin Benoit - Layout Supervisor
Todd Vaziri - Lead Compositor
Dan Lobl - CG Lighting Supervisor
Dan Pearson - FX Supervisor


Crane Beach (Tech Talk) room
Google Building CL2, 1st Floor
1200 Crittenden Lane
Mountain View, CA 94043


The VFX of Chappie
Tags: chapters, Film, Visual Effects

Vancouver ACM SIGGRAPH is excited to announce a wonderful panel presentation on the VFX of Chappie on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.

06 Jan 2015
Visual Effects: Are Computer Graphics Always the Answer?
Tags: Film, Graphics, Visual Effects
By Kristy Barkan

Up until the mid ‘90s, effects artists were people who made things with their hands. They wore paint-spattered clothing and rifled through tool boxes. They created aliens out of latex, turned foam into granite and constructed nine-foot spaceships from odds and ends found on dusty workshop shelves. The Millennium Falcon was a product of such physical craftsmanship, as was the creepy-yet-loveable E.T., the immaculate Discovery spacecraft in "2001: A Space Odyssey" and Major Toht’s grisly melting head in "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

VES Summit
Tags: conference, Visual Effects

Through high-level networking, the 2014 VES Summit will explore the dynamic evolution of visual imagery: the artistry of the craft, the expansion of content and the growing applications for commerce.

Irish VFX & Animation Summit 2014
Tags: Animation, conference, Visual Effects

Opening with a film screening, the Irish VFX + Animation Summit is hosting masterclass sessions, presentations and discussions -- bringing industry talent from both Ireland and overseas to share their experience and techniques.

This year’s speakers have worked on "Edge of Tomorrow," "Gravity," "Transformers 2" and "Guardians of the Galaxy." The summit will also host some of leading minds in VFX and Animation technologies. 

23 Sep 2014
J.J. Abrams to Receive VES Visionary Award
Tags: Film, Visual Effects

Today, the Visual Effects Society named renowned director J.J. Abrams as the next recipient of the VES Visionary Award.

17 Sep 2014
Munich Chapter Launch Event with Paul Debevec
Tags: chapters, Graphics, Visual Effects

The brand-new Munich ACM SIGGRAPH chapter will be celebrating its launch in style on Sunday, 21 September, with a talk from computer graphics veteran Paul Debevec. Debevec is the Former Vice President of ACM SIGGRAPH, and is widely recognized as a leader in the field for his impactful research in photorealistic image capture and rendering.